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Orchid Culture






Vanda / Ascocenda



While Orchids are found in all climatic regions, even now it seems in Antarctica, those most commonly grown in the home are the tropical or sub tropical varieties. But you should know that these plants can be found from sea level to very high altitudes so do not automatically think hot.

With more than 25,000 species, 48 species in the state of Maryland alone, divided into over 800 natural genera plus over 500 hybrid genera, these again divided into sub families, tribes, sub tribes and alliances, generalizations are always hazardous. But here goes. Orchids can be found from the floor of the jungle up into the canopy, they do not want full sun. It is not too cold in your house, just possibly the opposite. Orchids don't
need extremely high humidity but absolutely will not tolerate low humidity. Probably the largest task you will face as an orchid grower is determining the climatic behavior of your house. Our culture sheets are designed to help you make educated decisions concerning your plants. As we are located in the mid-atlantic region of the US, most of our suggestions would best be applied to areas with similar weather / temperature patterns.